Performance Requirements Typically Requested On Project Specifications

For shop drawings requested for structural permit by this office, the following are typical specifications requested.  Engineering Express routinely complies with these when providing certified plans for permit:


  • Delegated Design:  Design , including comprehensive engineering analysis by a qualified professional engineer, using performance requirements & design criteria indicated.
  • Structural Performance: shall withstand the effects of gravity loads & the following loads & stresses within limits and under conditions indicated according to SEI/ASCE 7 (latest edition).
    • Seismic Loads  (provided by the AOR or EOR per plans or to be calculated by the delegate engineer)
    • Wind Loads (provided by the AOR or EOR per plans or to be calculated by the delegate engineer)
  • Delegated Design Submittal: For to comply with performance requirements & design criteria, including analysis data signed and sealed by the qualified professional engineer responsible for their preparation.
    • Design Calculations: Calculate requirements for seismic restraints
  • Product Test Reports: Based on evaluation of comprehensive test performed by a qualified testing agency, for as applicable.  A rational analysis may also be permitted if deemed to comply with the applicable building code.
  • For glazing products within the windborne debris region:
    • Provide documentation that the passes large missile impact & cyclic pressure tests per ASTM E 1886 / ASTM E 1996 according to the applicable codes & limiting requirements.

Engineering Express regularly provides this information in product evaluations and corresponding site-specific design plans for structural shop drawings for permit throughout the US.

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Last Update: July 8, 2022  

July 8, 2022  Codes & Standards  
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