5 Creative Designs to Improve Commercial Outdoor Spaces

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Designing smooth transitions between inside and out and getting rooted in nature has become increasingly popular throughout residential designs and is rapidly seeping into commercial building designs, as well.

There are several ways you can improve the outdoor spaces of commercial buildings, including use of the following:

Not every outdoor space needs a lavish update to improve it. Before deciding on what or how you plan to update the area, you and your client should evaluate what the goals are for the project or building.

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Is your client trying to add more shade through use of covered areas for rainy days or when the sun’s rays are too strong?

Or maybe your client is looking into adding a pool or fountain to improve the area’s aesthetics?

5 Ways to Improve Outdoor Spaces

The following are five creative ways you can improve commercial outdoor spaces for your clients.

#1 Canopies

A canopy provides plenty of shade and shelter from several undesirable outdoor elements, including harmful sun rays, rain, hail, etc.

A canopy’s primary function is to increase the habitability of a building by protecting the area surrounding it. Canopies have greater coverage and visually stand out more, which makes them different from a pergola.


#2 Pergolas

Pergolas are open structures mostly used for aesthetics or to shade a garden or terrace.

These structures usually consist of parallel colonnades supporting an open roof of girders and cross rafters.

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#3 Awnings

An awning also provides shade and protection from inclement weather. However, you can incorporate electrical installations, such as fans, lighting, or televisions to create additional revenue-generating space for, say, a restaurant or bar.

The building’s surrounding architecture will also play an important role in deciding if an awning is the right structural addition to your building.


#4 Pools

From the deck to the water features, pools add function and improve the aesthetics of any commercial outdoor space.

You can incorporate exotic designs and feature beaches, waterfalls, islands, benches, rocks, grottos, and more.

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#5 Sunrooms

Sunrooms can be designed as a relaxing space that enhances an area’s entertainment and outdoor space.

These additions are typically fully enclosed by glass, sometimes with skylights, to capture the outdoor views from a comfort-controlled indoor environment.


Get Permit-Ready Plans to Improve Your Outdoor Spaces

Updating outdoor spaces typically requires permits and professionally engineered plans to ensure new structures will fit and function properly in the space.

At Engineering Express, our expert team of engineers design permit-ready plans. Here are a few of our most recent custom outdoor canopy, pergola, and trellis projects. If you are looking for the perfect engineering designs to creatively improve your client’s outdoor spaces, we are your one-stop-shop.

We offer three different services to provide you with the perfect, permit-ready solution for your needs:

1. Readymade Plans 

2. Interactive Design Calculators

3. Custom Solutions 

You can also contact us today to see how we can help you with your specific engineering needs!

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