eAir: Alegria AC- Comfortstar Ductless Systems (TER 21-41004)

eAir: Alegria AC- Comfortstar Ductless Systems (TER 21-41004)

$30.00$50.00 or ( 3 Tokens - 5 Tokens )

This certification is applicable to the eAir A/C units. The certification is sold as an engineered sealed Evaluation Report and meets the requirements of the structural wind integrity per the selected building code above using ASCE 7  for the approval of unit housing and tie-down clip capacities, and upon ordering will be signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer of the firm. Use it in conjunction with your other approved documents to obtain a building permit. Previous TER # 19-7510

This certification is generic and installations beyond this scope or site-specific applications shall require custom engineering that can be performed by Engineering Express. Click here to request a quote.

Models covered in this TER

FamiliesUnit ModelW (in)D (in)H (in)Weight (Lbs)Cabinet
GoldCPG009CA(O)-B30.3111.8121.8563.9Cabinet A
CPG012CA(O)-B30.3111.8121.8565Cabinet A
CPG009CD(O)-B30.3111.8121.8563.9Cabinet A
CPG012CD(O)-B30.3111.8121.8565Cabinet A
CPG018CD(O)-B31.513.1121.8180Cabinet B
CPG024CD(O)-B33.2714.2927.64105.16Cabinet C
CPG030CD(O)37.2416.1431.89137Cabinet D
CPG036CD(O)37.2416.1431.89143Cabinet D
Platinum OutdoorCPP009CD(O)30.3111.8121.8561.73Cabinet A
CPP012CD(O)31.513.1121.8176.72Cabinet B
CPP018CD(O)33.2714.2927.6495.24Cabinet C
CPP024CD(O)37.2416.1431.89136.69Cabinet D
CPP036CD(O)-DU37.2416.1431.89148.59Cabinet D
CPP048CD(O)-DU37.4816.3452.48217Cabinet E
CPP060CD(O)-DU37.4816.3452.48224.9Cabinet E
Multi-zoneCM2-18-2Z33.2714.2927.64105.82Cabinet C
CM3-27-3Z37.2416.1431.89149.91Cabinet D
CM4-48-4Z37.2416.1431.89156.53Cabinet D
CM5-54-5Z37.4816.3452.48223.77Cabinet E

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Weight0.8000 lbs
Dimensions0.0450 × 8.5000 × 11.0000 in
Plan Designer

Engineering Express

Plan Type

Technical Evaluation Report-TER, Manufacturer Plans

Plan Format

Digitally Sealed File, Sealed Hardcopy

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