Payne: Split Units Evaluation

Payne: Split Units Evaluation

$40.00$80.00 or ( 4 Tokens - 8 Tokens )

This certification is applicable to the PAYNE splits units. The certification is sold as an engineered sealed Evaluation Report and meets the requirements of the structural wind integrity per the  selected building code above for the approval of unit housing and tie-down clip capacities, and upon ordering will be signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer of the firm. Use it in conjunction with your other approved documents to obtain a building permit. (Former TER 16-3190.10)

This product can be used with:

Model Numbers
PH14**018 PA16**A42 PH15**024
PH14**024 PA16**A48 PH15**030
PH14**030 PA16**A60 PH15**036
PH14**036 PA14**A18 PH15**042
PH14**042 PA14**A24 PH15**048
PH14**048 PA14**A30 PH15**060
PH14**060 PA14**A36
PA16**A18 PA14**A42
PA16**A24 PA14**A48
PA16**A30 PA14**A60
PA16**A36 PH15**018
This product is generic & installations beyond the intended scope, any site-specific designs/certifications, or California-specific projects shall require custom engineering. Click here to request a quote.
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Note: Effective January 1, Fees for certified calculators will be a minimum of $100. You can buy tokens & save up to 25%

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 0.0100 × 8.5000 × 11.0000 in
Plan Format

Digitally Sealed File, Sealed Hardcopy


Carrier Enterprise of Florida

Plan Designer

Engineering Express

Plan Type

Technical Evaluation Report-TER, Manufacturer Plans


Carrier, Engineering Express

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