Refund Policy

Effective April, 2021

Engineering Express reserves the right to reject, modify, or otherwise revise any submitted requests based on code requirements, engineering principals, or sound judgement before approving work. Every effort will be made to honor the intent of the original request and we will work with you to perform a satisfactory design. Refunds will only be made if:

  1. No work has been performed
  2. The refund has been requested within (2) business days in writing due to our reserving space for your project

We offer a “plan swap” policy for any of our pre-engineered hard copy master plans (only) up to the value of the original purchase in our plan store.  No additional credit is offered for plans swapped of lesser value.  Client retains only the value of the swapped plan for additional swaps.  Client must pay any additional plan fees and shipping costs associated with ordering & sending swapped plans to or from the office.  Plans of equal value may be swapped in person at our corporate office for no additional shipping or handling fees. The original signed & sealed hardcopies must be returned to the office for the plan swap credit..

Digital products and results from online calculators do not qualify for plan swap due to the labor it takes to create and review them by engineers compared to the fees we charge for them. While we do not offer refunds for items in our plan store, should there be a plan/calculator that is unused and created into a site specific modification, generally a credit is considered for the price paid for those items.

There are no refunds for our Engineering Tokens. Tokens can only be used for items in our plan store. Value is not transferable to site specific projects we quote through our ExpressPass System.
Please also refer to our Terms & Conditions for additional information not contained herein. Also, please view our Privacy & Accessibility Policies to understand how we treat you & your information.

Shipping Policy

We offer shipping through USPS, UPS, and FedEx at rates determined by the companies’ current respective published rates. US shipping only

Alternatively you may elect to pick it up directly from our office at 160 SW 12th Ave, Suite 106, Deerfield Beach FL 33442 at no extra shipping cost. Contact the office at 954-354-0660 to ensure office hours and ample time to prepare your order for pickup.

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