About Plan Store Tokens

Engineering Express Introduces
a Tokens-Based Purchasing System for 2021

Why Tokens? 

Creating a tokens-based system solves the following client pain points:

1. Pay once with your credit card instead of every single checkout – Saves time & hassle!

Previously, a client had to buy bulk of a single item at the same time to get a bulk discount. Clients can now buy tokens in bulk at a discount & easily use them over time.

2. Qualify for promotional credits as they are offered only when paying with tokens

3. Tokens do not expire – Eligible refunds can be easily made for tokens

4. Tokens help with our ‘Plan Swap’ policy – Providing a replacement plan whenever needed for situations like code changes & ordering mistakes (see terms & conditions below).

5. Tokens can also be gifted to others, allowing easy ways to help your customers with engineering plans & calculations.

6. Plan swap policy is less administrative fees such as printing, time to process (5%-10% of order). Delivery fees not included. Plans must be physically returned or when not feasible to deliver proof of destruction of each sheet requested to qualify for plan swap.

Watch to learn about purchasing, using, & sharing Tokens

Purchase Token Bundles

10 Tokens

Convenience Pack
$ 100
  • 2-3 Permit Sets

15 Tokens

Tier 1 Discount
$ 142
  • SAVE 5%

25 Tokens

Tier 2 Discount
$ 225
  • SAVE 10%

50 Tokens

Power Pack
$ 400
  • SAVE 20%

100 Tokens

VIP Premium Discount
$ 750
  • SAVE 25%

Need a quick top-off to your existing tokens? Purchase our 5 Token Top-off Pack

Contact Us to discuss larger volume & special relationship Token purchases


What Do Tokens Buy?

Hardcopy signed and sealed master plans for permit use range from 0.5 tokens for the smallest clip plan to 1.5 tokens for our popular wind pressure charts to an average of 3 tokens for our Technical evaluation reports (minimum hardcopy purchase is (2) plans which are typically needed for permit).

Digital plan versions are a (1) item purchase and average 20% less than the minimum hardcopy plans

There are over 400 plans and evaluation reports available in our Online Plan Store.

Promotions are also offered periodically offering discounts on plans paid with tokens.

Tokens are scheduled to be expanded for monthly access to our premium Design-Aid Calculators for approved clients – useful for estimating projects & saving tremendous costs & time with materials and interacting with engineers directly.

Give &  Receive Tokens

Another highly requested feature, you can also purchase tokens in bulk and give them to others. This is useful for example for manufacturers who provide plans to their installers and can purchase sealed copies at a discount, then provide tokens for their installers to pick them up as needed.  Find the Give Tokens option on your token dashboard or Click Here if you are logged in to gift Tokens.


Terms & Conditions

– No Refunds are offered on tokens or any store purchases. Any returned plan is offered tokens only for like-kind Delivery fees are not refunded.

– Tokens never expire.  

– Plan store items & prices subject to change without notice.

– Permits are never guaranteed as part of plan store purchases.  Plans are generic in nature & are designed to be entry-level, worst case scenarios for the limitations listed.  The firm specializes in converting master plans to custom-designed site-specific installation engineering for permit & remains available for light support or full consultation & assistance as needed & agreed.

– Master plans are never listed for site specific addresses.  Should a ‘site specific’ plan be required after review by the authority having jurisdiction, the firm shall consider a credit refund of the master plan toward the site-specific quotation for work.

– Digitally signed plans are limited to the purchasing contractor, up to 15 day date range, & zip code region.

– Any proof of tampering or misuse of any plan offered by the firm in any way is subject to lockout of client, forfeiting of tokens, and may constitute a criminal violation.


Last Update: February 5, 2021  

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