Subscription Services Offered by Engineering Express

Membership Services Offered by Engineering Express

Subscribe to one of our exclusive industry packages to gain exclusive access to a host of on-demand engineering services including:

Private Calculators

Gain access to our advanced online calculators to help with Aluminum Member Design Package, Ground Mounted Sign Design & Estimating, Canopies & Carports, Decks, Railings, & more.  

See our free online calculators as examples of our amazing tools

Member Discounts on Tokens

Members of our subscription services receive a monthly stipend of tokens to use to purchase certified plans & calculators for purchase as well as premium discounts on token bundles for even more savings. 

Enginering Support Channels

We curate all your engineering needs into one microsite.  Link to your Engineering Support Channel from your website – We link back to you for a seamless customer experience.

Benefit from our Live Chat with a designer, hundreds of helpful articles, and calculators & plans we create for you.

For Example, See Eastern Metal Supply’s Website.  Scroll down & see their Engineering Support Channel – That’s us!

How It Works

For qualifying companies in one of the industries we service, we set up a plan for you:

1. Engineering Support Only – Fee based on channel size use

2. Subscription Fee Offset – The more Master Plans, Design Aid Calculators or Custom Engineering we design for you & site specific work coming in, the larger discount we offer on Private Calculators & Engineering Support Channels

3. Engineering Tokens – Subscription fees are offset by providing you with Tokens that can also be shared with your customers.  Tokens can be used to purchase Master Plans and Certified Calculators.

Last Update: June 26, 2021  

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