Storefront Glazing: How to Boost your Business During & After the Pandemic

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The pandemic and times of uncertainty can take a toll on a business’ in-person sales. While there are many benefits of providing consumers with an online shopping experience, there are still several shoppers who cling to making their purchases in person.

What is the first thing consumers see when they walk by a store? Hopefully, the merchandise tastefully and creatively displayed to intrigue onlookers to take a step or two inside the store.

Why Storefront Glazing Matters

Floor displays are only a fraction of the equation. Storefront glazing, glass quality, and appearance play a substantial role in attracting customers into a store. It can also help sway the window shopper to make their way inside and make a purchase.

5 Ways Updating Storefront Glazing Helps Businesses

Replacing outdated windows and doors with optimal storefront glazing solutions can provide an array of benefits that not only help the business owner save money and improve efficiency, but it can help boost sales, too.

The following are five ways updating storefront glazing helps business owners.

1. Enhanced Security

By updating your window installations and glazing, business owners can benefit from more peace of mind knowing that these new solutions provide enhanced security and protection from any types of intrusions, from break-ins to inclement weather.  

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2. Improved Curb Appeal

Simply occupying a space in a strip of commercial property does not always equate to sales. It is about curb appeal. New glass and storefront glazing can freshen up a store’s appearance and even improve advertising opportunities, such as digital signs or swanky graphics displayed in the new windows. 

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3. Energy Efficient Savings

Technology and materials are continually advancing and improving–especially when it comes to window installations. These products can help make or break a building’s energy efficiency. Shoppers can enjoy consistent comfort inside and owners will be elated by reduced energy bills that stem from less energy loss with new, energy-efficient storefront glazing.

4. Less Maintenance

Outdated glass is harder to keep clean, which means that you can easily spend a lot more time and money trying to maintain the storefront’s appearances. In contrast, with quality storefront glazing, windows will stay clean longer, reducing maintenance costs.

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5. Increased Building Value

The real estate market is constantly changing. You can buy a commercial property one day, maybe flip it, and then sell it the next. Whether you plan to sell the building or lease the spaces, updating the storefront windows can substantially increase its value and help attract more quality buyers and tenants.

Boost Business with Permit-Ready Storefront Glazing Plans

It may be challenging for business owners to navigate their businesses during uncertain times. But there are several ways you can help them boost their business, and updating their storefront glazing is one of them.

This can help them reduce costs and ultimately lead to more traffic and increased sales.

To get started, you will need a permit-ready commercial glazing engineering plan to ensure new structures will fit and function properly in the space.

At Engineering Express, our expert team of engineers design permit-ready plans to your specifications.

Learn about the three different ways we can provide you with the perfect, permit-ready glazing solutions for your project, or contact us today to see learn more about we can help you.  

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