How Do I Get Approval To Substitute Glass Type-Interlayer On My Product Evaluation?

If you are a manufacturer with a Florida or Miami Dade Approval, or if you are trying to install a tested and approved large missile impact glazing system with an alternate glass interlayer from another manufacturer, you will need to follow ASTM E1996 A1.11.

According to section A1.11.4, you cannot change the interlayer type without a full retest of impact and cycling testing, but provided the interlayer type and thickness remain the same, a substitution requires a single specimen test.

A condition is that the nominal thickness can only be up to a 10% decrease for the same type or brand interlayer.

Miami Dade requires full testing in accordance with TAS 203 (-94 as of the date of this article). The Authority Having Jurisdiction should always be consulted to ensure they approve of the test requirements and have the authority to require additional testing to ensure full compliance with the code.

Last Update: August 8, 2022  

August 8, 2022  Codes & Standards  
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