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Instructions for proper use of rooftop equipment wind pressure calculator

HELP PAGE For the Engineering Express® Rooftop Equipment Wind Pressure Calculator Note: See Limitations & Conditions of Use at the end of this article. Quick Links Access The Calculator View The Glossary Learn Even More   Calculator Inputs 1) Ultimate Wind Velocity (Vult): This is the peak 3-second Ultimate gust wind speed. Consult your building …

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ASCE 7 Wall Zones Explained

ASCE 7-16 has expanded on the definition of component & cladding wind zones from previous ASCE 7 standards   Per ASCE 7-16, buildings are composed of 5 different zones, depending on the wind loading they are subjected to. Zones ‘4’ & ‘5’ relate to wall zones & are defined as follows: Zone 4: Any areas …

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ASCE 7 Least Horizontal Dimension

From ASCE 7 (16, 10 & previous standards):   The “Least Horizontal Dimension” can be taken as the shortest possible distance that can be taken between two parallel lines that fully encompass the building The Least Horizontal Dimension is further demonstrated as follows: Where ‘B’ is the Least Horizontal Dimension.   For further reference, see our article …

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ASCE 7 Basic Wind Speed

Per definition by ASCE 7-16 & ASCE 7-10, Section 26.2 is defined as:   BASIC WIND SPEED (V): Three-second gust speed at 33ft above the ground in Exposure C (see Exposure Categories) as determined in accordance with ASCE 7-16 (10) Section 26.5.1. The wind shall be assumed to come from any horizontal direction. The basic …

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ASCE Risk Categories Explained

Risk Category Background Building codes require that buildings be classified by their level of importance in determining the risk taken with safety factors against their failure under critical design loads. Calculations for the structure’s overall stability, flexure, and fatigue are all based on the assumption of a given risk category design level.  ASCE 7 references …

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How to Find Wind Speed & Snow Using the Applied Technology Council Hazards (ATC Hazards) by Location Website The Applied Technology Council (ATC) offers site-specific information that is used in our calculators to determine wind velocity. For the best results, the address of the site may be used. To find your wind speed, follow the …

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Glossary of Engineering Terms

GLOSSARY OF ENGINEERING TERMS These terms are published by Engineering Express to coincide with help menus for our online tools & published articles. See also our FLOOD ENGINEERING GLOSSARY for more terms related to flood engineering. LABEL GLOSSARY DESCRIPTION ADDITION ROOF TYPE For sunroom enclosures, roof types can be monoslope for studio, shed, or other …

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