Can an engineer design alternate anchorage for a Florida product approval or other product evaluation?

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The answer is yes.


According to Section 1709.9.4 of the Florida Building Code 7th Edition (2020):

“All Impact-resistant coverings shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and in accordance with the product approval. Installation instructions shall be provided and shall be available to inspection personnel on the job site. Opening protection components, fasteners, and other parts evaluated by an approved product evaluation entity, certification agency, testing laboratory, architect, or engineer and approved by the holder of the product approval may be interchangeable in opening protection assemblies provided that the opening protection component(s) provide equal or greater structural performance and durability as demonstrated by testing in accordance with approved test standards.

Although not specifically referenced in the International Building Code (1710.8 does not exist in the 2012 IBC), this method is considered by many to be industry standard.  FBC 1710 provides baseline standards on the topic.


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March 28, 2016  Codes & Standards  
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