Our talented team of glass & glazing design experts can assist you with design & certification of your commercial glazed system across the US.

Our experts & designers are un-matched in this field & have been hand selected among the top talent in the US. From material selection to shop & fabrication drawings to the most complex of calculations, we offer a full suite of commercial glazing design services.

Nearly every commercial property includes glazing installations. These installations require engineering design for structural compliance. There are several benefits of commercial glazing applications outside of regulatory compliance, such as utilizing the highest quality materials and performance possible.


Here are the many commercial glazing services our Engineering Experts can assist you with:

With over 20 years of experience in engineering, we help make your commercial glazing applications headache and hassle-free, while also being licensed in 43 states across the US, including 2 commonwealth licenses in Puerto Rico and DC. Your needs are always within our reach.

Whether you need designs that are pre-engineered and readymade, customizable to your specs, or custom-created solutions for your specific project, our unique and unprecedented solutions offer reliability and value, down to the final bolt.

Contact us to discuss your needs and to learn how we can provide you with engineering plans, code-compliant designs, and expert services for your upcoming commercial glazing projects.

Glazing design

At Engineering Express, we understand that acquiring the best engineering plans can be a hassle. Our goal is to make engineering headaches a thing of the past, so we reinvented the process to deliver quality solutions in record time to you.

Our talented team of engineering design experts have decades of experience in this field & have been hand-selected among the top talent in the US.

We offer three solution methods to accommodate your engineering and commercial glazing structural needs: