What Services Do We Offer And Don’t Offer?

Engineering Express is a national engineering firm that only provides structural design services for building components for commercial & residential projects.


Examples of services we offer include glazing design, sunrooms, pergolas, fence and rail, mechanical equipment tie-downs and stands/curbs for wind, and product evaluations for government approval see more.

We do NOT design buildings, additions or renovations, nor do we design any non-structural work such as electrical, plumbing, or HVAC for heat or flow calculations.

Since we are a national firm specializing in design, we do not do inspections.

Who We Design For

Our model is to work closely with manufacturers to systemize their building component product to rapidly and efficiently produce site-specific building component designs across the US attached to and around residential & commercial buildings.  You can see examples of some of our featured Brand Partners by clicking on our Brands Page.

If you are a manufacturer with a building component product that needs innovative national engineering design, contact us to discuss your needs or click here to learn more.

Contractors who need site-specific work from engineering we’ve designed for one of our manufacturers can either submit a quote request or find a pre-engineered plan in our Online Plan Store to use with their local design professional or us to create a site-specific application.

Who We Don’t Design For

We don’t take projects directly from contractors for one-time work in order to provide exemplary services for the manufacturers and their contractors we partner with.

We also don’t design directly for homeowners.  If you are a homeowner, please work with an approved contractor for a manufacturer’s product we engineer.  We don’t take any site-specific work for any type of project with a homeowner.

What homeowners can do:  Homeowners are welcome to browse and purchase a pre-engineered plan from our Online Plan Store but with a warning:  We do not offer refunds, modifications, or assistance in any way.  Use them with your local design professional to create what you need without our involvement.  Examples of when this is helpful is if you engage with one of our manufacturers which we have an online plan for and you need the sealed plan for your contractor and don’t involve us.

If you have questions

Don’t call us!  We’re much more efficient using our Online Chat where we have in-house staff standing by to assist.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to be The Fastest Engineering On The Planet for our valued clients.



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