Florida Product Approval with HVHZ – Snap-N-Lock® Roof Panels (Aluminum and Steel)

Florida Product Approval with HVHZ – Snap-N-Lock® Roof Panels (3″ .024 Aluminum)

Florida Product Approval with HVHZ – Snap-N-Lock® Roof Panels (3″ .030 Aluminum)

Florida Product Approval with HVHZ – Steel Snap-N-Lock® Structural (Load-Bearing) Wall Panels

International Code Council – ICC – Recognition
Aluminum Snap-N-Lock® Composite Panels are recognized for use as roof panels of patio covers complying with Appendix H of the IRC.
ESR-2488: Snap-N-Lock® Composite Panel

International Code Council – ICC – Recognition
Steel Snap-N-Lock® Composite Panels are recognized for use as roof and structural wall panels in accordance with the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Sandwich Panels (AC04).
ESR-3152: Snap-N-Lock® Composite Panel

ENERGY STAR® Qualification
When installed properly, this product will help reduce energy costs. Actual savings will vary based on geographic location and individual building characteristics. Consult your product manufacturer, roofing contractor, or call 1-888-STAR-YES (1-888-782-7937) for more information.
.024 & .030 White Snap N Lock Composite Roof Panels with Tuff-Kote Gold Paint Finish.
Manufacturer’s Certification Statement

Texas Department of Insurance Approval
Approval # RC-247

California FBH Approval
California Approval – Aluminum Snap-N-Lock® Roof Panels

California Approval – Steel Snap-N-Lock® Structural (Load-Bearing) Wall and Roof Panels


Texas Engineering Rules explaining a raised seal is acceptable: Page 58: https://engineers.texas.gov/downloads/lawrules.pdf

Image Gallery

Snap-N-Lock® Steel SIP Home Installation Guide

Pergola Installation Guide

Kennedy Skylight Installation

Snap-N-Lock® Insulated Cover Installation Guide

Santa Fe Patio Cover Installation Guide
Whatever the weather, you can enjoy the sophisticated charm of a lattice cover. The Santa Fe Package combines the solid roof construction of the Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panel with beautiful Southwest lattice accents and exposed rafter tails. For maximum protection from the elements, run the panels the entire length of the roof. To provide shade and allow refreshing breezes to pass through, extend the solid roof only partway.

Modular Room Installation Guide
We offer three types of wall systems: 2″ and 3″ non-thermo and 3″ thermo-break. Each wall module comes pre-assembled, saving valuable installation time. The female and male mullions are designed to snap together, reducing the amount of exposed fasteners and improving the overall look of the room.

Snap-N-Lock® Enclosure Installation Guide
Whether you are building an addition to an existing structure or a free-standing unit, Snap-N-Lock insulated panels are the perfect choice. A typical enclosure specifies 3″ roof and wall panels clad with aluminum skins. Steel skins are also available, as well as several foam thicknesses to meet your engineering requirements. Use the existing finish or apply a wide variety of building materials directly to the exterior of the panel. Carrier beams can be bonded into the panel to secure heavy fans or light fixtures and run electrical wiring.

Installation Elevation for Cover

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