Why is there an expiration on digitally sealed plans and how does that work for permitting?

Because a digitally sealed plan can be copied and reused while maintaining the digital seal certification, plans produced by engineering express that are not site-specific are encoded with limitations of use that restrict their use for permitting to a single project.

Engineering Express encodes master plans with the permitting contractor, zip code restriction, and a date at which the permit must be applied for using that plan.  If any of these three items don’t fit the intended permit, the digitally sealed file is not to be used to obtain a permit.


  1. If the date needs to be extended beyond the expiration for the intended permit, click here to contact the office & discuss your needs or start a chat with us.
  2. The zip code restriction validates a small geographic region for use while maintaining master plan sheet status and not creating a site-specific project.  Site-specific projects require more engineering design & liability and are quoted separately.

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