How do I get a Certified TER or Master Plan Sheet?

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TER’s or Technical Evaluation Reports and Master Plan Sheets must bear the original signature and raised seal or a digital seal of the evaluating engineer to be valid for use by code.  This is a code requirement and necessary to maintain quality control, liability, and integrity of the report as mandated by building codes across the US.

Typically 1-3 sealed copies are needed for a permit which varies from municipality to municipality. Click Here for more on this topic and the codes that mandate sealed reports.

HOW DO I GET A SEALED TER or Master Plan Sheet?

TER’s and Master Plan Sheets are occasionally provided to the manufacturers in bulk for their distribution with products as they are sold and the TER’s are needed.  Most of the time though, they will provide you with a photocopy of the report and if you need a sealed report you would need to go to the certifying engineer. 

Finding the engineer and obtaining a sealed version of the report needed for permit has typically been a difficult process for installers, until now.  Engineering Express has innovated an Amazon-style plan store that provides quick access to hundreds of evaluation reports and master plans they have evaluated.  Simply search and select the report you want, add to cart, and check out.  Hardcopies can be ready for pickup within minutes of the order or shipped via a number of methods to you fast. Digitally signed reports can be emailed to you after a professional engineer of the firm reviews and approves your request for use with ePermit systems where applicable.

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More and more municipalities are requiring digitally signed plans. These are electronic only versions of reports that contain a digital code to verify their authenticity. Click Here for more on the legalities of the digital seal.

These digital files are uploaded to ePermit systems and never touch paper. Your AJH (Authority having Jurisdiction) will determine the proper format for your submission.  Always contact them for the required format of permit plans BEFORE ordering any documents from anywhere.

TER’s can be issued with digital signatures on a semi-site-by-site basis which requires a review by the evaluating firm.  They can also be orderd through our Online Plan Store.  Simply select ‘digitally sealed version’ to order that option. The fees for digitally sealed plans appears to be double what the hardcopy is, which is because (2) hardcopies are typically required for permit and just (1) digital file would be required.  Each option is priced accordingly.

Last, many people don’t understand that the ‘file’ is sealed, not each page.  you’ll only see the digital signature on one page, typically the first page.  Also, HARDCOPIES OF DIGITALLY SEALED PLANS ARE NOT VALID FOR USE.  And scanned copies of printed plans are NOT digitally signed!

Remember the rule: Once digital, always digital.  Once printed, always printed.

Engineering Express provides hundreds of TER’s and Master Plans in our Online Plan Store.
We typically design these for the manufacturers so their installers can quickly and easily obtain sealed copies to obtain their building permit. 

Contact your local building official BEFORE ordering any engineering to determine what exactly is needed for permit.  We can assist in providing documentation to building officials to substantiate our reports.

Manufacturers: Contact Us to discuss your need.


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