TER’s or technical evaluation reports must bear the original signature and raised seal of the evaluating engineer to be valid for use.  this is a code requirement and necessary to maintain quality control, liability, and integrity of the report.  Typically 1-3 sealed copies are needed for a permit which varies from municipality to municipality.
TER’s are typically provided to the manufacturers in bulk for distribution with products as they are sold and the TER’s are needed.  The option does exist (upon manufacturer approval) for the TER’s to be distributed by the evaluating engineer to those in need.
More and more municipalities are requiring digitally signed plans.  while the number of requests for digitally signed TER’s is still low, Engineering Express does not generically digitally sign the evaluation reports due to the liability and exposure of having just one digitally signed report copied thousands of times for repeated use.  Instead, TER’s can be issued with digital signatures on a site-by-site basis which requires site specific evaluation by the evaluating firm.  There are additional fees for this service which require a case by case quote.  Click here to contact the office for a quotation for your digitally signed site specific need.


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