A TER or Technical Evaluation Report, is an engineering evaluation based on testing and/or rational analysis for the performance of a building product or component. In the case of Engineering Express, we are evaluating the structural aspects of a product only.
The authority for a qualified engineer to create a technical evaluation report is given in both the International and Florida Building Codes by an approved source (section 2.2). Numerous other codes are utilized in the creation of a TER which are listed on each corresponding evaluation report.
The TER’s contain performance limitations of the product being evaluated (mostly wind in the case of Engineering Express TER’s) which must be evaluated for the application to which it is being applied by a qualified entity, usually a contractor, engineer, architect, or other accredited design professional.  In some cases, pre-published documents or sealed generic wind pressure charts illustrating the location’s required wind criteria may be used to establish the required pressure rating and installation requirements for the product in question.  This site specific information is outside the scope and certification of a TER.
Since these evaluation documents are not issued by an accredited evaluation entity such as Miami Dade Product Control, Florida Statewide Product Approval System, ICC, TDI, among others, each document must bear the original signature and raised seal of the evaluating professional engineer.


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