What is a TER and how is it used for permitting?

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A TER or Technical Evaluation Report, is an engineering evaluation based on testing and/or rational analysis for the performance of a building product or component. In the case of Engineering Express, we are evaluating the structural aspects of a product only.

The authority for a qualified engineer to create a technical evaluation report is given in both the International and Florida Building Codes by an approved source (section 2.2). Numerous other codes are utilized in the creation of a TER which are listed on each corresponding evaluation report.



In Florida,  there are only 8 building product categories that require a product evaluation.  Those evaluations can even be a TER under the Local Product Approval method.  Learn more about this by clicking here. Also see additional topics below.

TER’s contain performance limitations of the product being evaluated (mostly wind in the case of Engineering Express TER’s).  These TER’s have limiting values which another design professional must compare and approve to their site specific design.  TER’s don’t themselves approve any specific use.  They only list the limiting design values. 

Think of a TER like a warning on a ladder that says the ladder only holds 300lb. the TER doesn’t say who can use the ladder, only that the ladder can only hold that weight.  Someone else would need to determine who can and can’t use the ladder based on each person’s weight.

The permit applicant would need the sealed TER along with the design professional’s plans and other documentation needed for each situation & jurisdiction to obtain the permit.  Engineering Express only provides the sealed report for permit, the rest is up to others.


Since these evaluation documents are not issued by an accredited evaluation entity such as Miami Dade Product Control, Florida Statewide Product Approval System, ICC, TDI, among others, each document must bear the original signature and raised seal of the evaluating professional engineer.  Click Here to learn more about what documents need to be sealed and why.

Engineering Express provides hundreds of TER’s and Master Plans in our Online Plan Store.
We typically design these for the manufacturers so their installers can quickly and easily obtain sealed copies to obtain their building permit. 

Contact your local building official BEFORE ordering any engineering to determine what exactly is needed for permit.  We can assist in providing documentation to building officials to substantiate our reports.

Manufacturers: Contact Us to discuss your need.



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What is a TER and how is it used for permitting?

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