I’m a homeowner looking for a fence & gate (or similar) plan for permit. What do I do?

Engineering Express allows homeowners & contractors to purchase pre-engineered master plans from our Online Plan Store for a number of building component categories.

These plans are sold as-is without refund.

Engineering Express does not engage in customizations for pre-engineered plans with homeowners.  If changes to master plans or custom design work needs to be performed, we recommend homeowners get with a licensed contractor and work through a local engineer to help with their need.  Due to the nature of our setup, we cannot engage in one-time projects for clients.

For Engineering Express to assist in a custom project, a contractor must be pre-approved to work with us through our ExpressPass application process.

We only engage in work from contractors that perform numerous projects within a given industry in order to best utilize our express engineering process. If you are not approved for this reason, we recommend finding a local engineer or using your current engineer or architect to create custom design based on the plan purchased from Engineering Express.


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