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Beautiful glazed house

Outdoor Living Designs for Star Island Miami

Engineering Express provided the engineering designs for numerous building components on this unique project in Star Island in Miami, FL. From the pool to the handrails to specialty glazing, stairs and firepit features, this concept …

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Fastest Engineering On The Planet

Engineering Express Is Officially The Fastest Engineering On The Planet

Engineering Express has created systems and tools to provide on-demand engineering, achieving what no other building component design firm has, down to 0-second engineering. We received a US Trademark for the term to make it …

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Tools of engineering

The Great Story of the Product Evaluation

Watch this complimentary on-demand webinar as presenter Frank Bennardo PE tells an engaging story of how building product approvals became what they are – and where they are going in this fast-paced, on-demand, digital work …

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Eastern Metal Supply logo

Case Study

Watch How Eastern Metal Supply Uses Our 3 Tier Solution To Increase Sales, Decrease Friction CASE STUDY:  Eastern Metal Supply, Inc. Eastern Metal Supply’s pain point was the difficulty of delivering certified engineering for permit …

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Irma Hurricane Rumors – Which Are True?

Here’s how Snopes describes many of the rumors with Hurricane Irma’s fake and real news.  Click here to see which engineering predictions come true  

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EXPERT HURRICANE ENGINEER SCORECARD – WHAT I GOT RIGHT AND WRONG WITH HURRICANE IRMA How did my damage predictions do? I lived through Irma on the east coast of Florida. I watched the warnings, the …

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roundabout traffic image

5 False Wind Statements Debunked by an Expert Storm Engineer

I hear these silly things people say all the time about hurricanes. From conversations in line at the grocery store to people telling me how they believe they will be safe in the next storm. …

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Phantom Screens: Is a Florida Product Approval Required?

Product Approvals for building components are the general rule in Florida.  Building officials, architects, insurance companies, even homeowners ask for them all the time, frequently refusing permits, insurance discounts, and product installations. So what is …

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train station

BRIGHTLINE TRAIN STATIONS – COMMERCIAL GLAZING PROJECT Crawford-Tracy has been selected to complete the commercial window glazing work for two of the new Brightline Train Stations that are going to be built in and connect …

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DANGER: Hurricanes Will Strike in South Florida   Hurricane season in Florida should not be taken lightly. More storms hit Florida than any other state in the United States. Since the mid-1800s, only 18 hurricane …

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STRIKING SIMILARITY: A SANDY RECOVERY VIEW OF THE FUTURE   As work slowly progresses to damaged areas of the New Jersey Shore, Engineering Express maintains a close eye on the recovery, helping where we are …

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Having a Little Fun on the Job! 401 Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL

Yesterday we visited our newest job, the 401 Atlantic Avenue building in Delray Beach. This building was also known as the old Mercer Wenzel building and has been standing for over 70 years! This project …

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