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Rooftop Wind Forces Help Page

DETERMINING WIND FORCES ON GROUND & ROOFTOP MECHANICAL UNITS Resources to help design professionals interpret performance evaluations & determine net forces on supporting ground & rooftop structures for mechanical units. Examples of mechanical equipment include ground-mounted or rooftop air conditioning/heating units, water chillers, generators, solar panels, gas & water tanks, piping, ductwork, access ladders, stands, …

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Fastest Engineering On The Planet

Engineering Express Is Officially The Fastest Engineering On The Planet

Engineering Express has created systems and tools to provide on-demand engineering, achieving what no other building component design firm has, down to 0-second engineering. We received a US Trademark for the term to make it official and unique on our marketing material. How We Earned The Term “The Fastest Engineering On The Planet” This is …

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Case Study

Watch How Eastern Metal Supply Uses Our 3 Tier Solution To Increase Sales, Decrease Friction CASE STUDY:  Eastern Metal Supply, Inc. Eastern Metal Supply’s pain point was the difficulty of delivering certified engineering for permit to their customers for the products and systems they sell.  They would typically defer to the client’s ‘local engineer’ or …

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EXPERT HURRICANE ENGINEER SCORECARD – WHAT I GOT RIGHT AND WRONG WITH HURRICANE IRMA How did my damage predictions do? I lived through Irma on the east coast of Florida. I watched the warnings, the preparation, and the events as they unfolded. Wind gusts in my area of Boca Raton approached 90mph. I had long …

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Phantom Screens: Is a Florida Product Approval Required?

Product Approvals for building components are the general rule in Florida.  Building officials, architects, insurance companies, even homeowners ask for them all the time, frequently refusing permits, insurance discounts, and product installations. So what is the legal ruling on when and if product approvals are required for this product? The Florida Building Code requires only …

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Wooden tools

SUPER-SIZE IMPACT GLASS ENGINEERED BY ENGINEERING EXPRESS   What could very well be the largest impact glass size to go for a product approval is in the test lab now and performing extremely well.  Andrew Piedra, Engineering Express’s Glass & Glazing Department Manager has been closely monitoring the testing of this colossal 8′-0″ wide by …

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train station

BRIGHTLINE TRAIN STATIONS – COMMERCIAL GLAZING PROJECT Crawford-Tracy has been selected to complete the commercial window glazing work for two of the new Brightline Train Stations that are going to be built in and connect Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando. West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale are the stations they will be …

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ENGINEERS TO THE RESCUE DURING HURRICANES   Hurricanes are one of the most destructive acts of nature that can cause massive damage to properties and can result in serious injuries and even loss of lives. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 with …

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