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This page contains tools & resources for the code-compliant designs of footings & foundations for a variety of outdoor building components such as carports, pergolas, & canopies, fences & gates, and signs & poles.

Our Quickest Solution:

Pre-engineered master plan for permit. This plan is purchased in our online plan store & contains allowable uplift pressures a variety of footings & slabs are designed to.  

For additional help using this plan,
see our Knowledge Base article by Clicking Here

Patio Enclosure Slab Footing

Want to see more pre-engineered master plans that use footings in their design?  Click Here

Interactive Design Aids Provide Customized Solutions

Use Our Interactive Patio Footing Uplift Calculator

Outdoor building component footing design

Use this design tool to size both isolated, continuous strip, and slab footings for uplift for a variety of canopy & pergola conditions for solid, louvered, and fabric coverings.

Try This Louvered Roof Pressure Calculator Made For Cardinal
Use in conjunction with the Master Plan above


Try this Fence Footing Calculator made for Trex
Also applicable to typical solid fence footings

Trex Fence Footing Calculator
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