What is the HVHZ – High Velocity Hurricane Zone – in Florida?

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The High Velocity Hurricane Zone (or HVHZ) in Florida encompasses only Miami-Dade And Broward Counties.  It is a special section of the Florida Building Code (2020 FBC as of this writing) which lays out special codes which apply to these counties.

Important to note that the HVHZ does not extend south of Dade County and does not include Monroe County.  Seems like it should since it’s a high risk for hurricanes but it isn’t for longstanding reasons out of the scope of this explanation.

Many chapters of the Florida Code offer an HVHZ and non-HVHZ section of the code.  Most (but not all) sections of the HVHZ are more stringent than non-HVHZ.

The Florida Product Approval System also separates approved products by outside and/or inside the HVHZ.

We recommend reviewing applicable sections of the Florida Building Code before designing and constructing in Florida.  If at all in doubt, Engineering Express is here to help.  Use our Live Chat feature for quickest response or contact us with our online form.


Last Update: December 15, 2022  

May 22, 2019  Codes & Standards  
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