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ASCE 7-10 Components & Cladding Pressures

Use to determine ASCE 7 wind zone wall & roof pressures for buildings of all heights

ASCE 7-05 Components & Cladding Pressures

Determines component & cladding wind pressures for all zones & building heights

ASCE 7-10 iPad Mini Pressures

Tablet & phone friendly mini-version of our popular components & cladding calculator

ASCE 7-10 Other Structures Pressures

Calculates design pressures for structures such as rooftop units, chimneys, tanks, & signs

Wind Pressure Comparison ASCE 7-05 to 7-10

Compares the difference of pressures between ASCE 7-05 and ASCE 7-10

Wind Pressure Zone Interpolation

Averages Zones 4 & 5 for openings that fall within both wind zones

Determine Roof Pressure For Nail Spacing (ASCE 7-05)

Determines roof uplift pressure for given nail type and spacing

Powers Anchor Calculator (No Login)

Quickly calculates anchor capacities based on a number of installation conditions

Dewalt Resin Anchor Estimator (No Login)

Determine amount of cartridges to use based on quantity and waste of anchorage

Norbord Wall Sheating Nailing Calculator (No Login)

Determines nail spacing for Norbord Sheathing based on loading & wall conditions

Reactions-Loading In Beams

Find Reactions for many types of beam configuration and loading conditions

Wood Beam Properties

Find section properties and allowable stresses for many wood beam species and shapes

Mullion Calculator

Use to rough-check various aluminum mullion shapes, pressures, sizes between window & doors

Extrusion Section Properties

Easily find section properties of tubes, pipes, and solid extrusions

Material Temperature Deformation

Enter 2 temperatures to read expansion-contraction values for many materials

Hurricane Pad Calculator by Oldcastle (No Login)

Find the right Oldcastle product for various A/C types and windspeeds

Product Quantity-Cost Calculator

Find cost and quantity for given waste, cost, and product yield

Linear Interpolation Calculator

Performs single & double interpolation – best for use in finding ‘in between’ table values

Find LEED Full Time Occupant Equivalent (FTE)

Combine part & full time personnel for an equivalent full time staff count

Powers Cartridge Quantity Estimator (No Login)

Using rod type, embedment & waste factor, find # of powers tubes for a variety of their products

Miami Tech NOA Design Aid Tool