Proof Florida Product Approvals and NOA’s Don’t Require The Original Engineering Seal

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We frequently get asked to re-seal our product approvals after they have been approved by the state.  They are validated by comparing them to the state / county records on file and are NOT required to be signed and sealed.

There are two Florida Declaratory Statements on record verifying this question:


Another Case is here (Wrol Up Case #: DCA04-DEC-051 )


The local jurisdiction in only authorized to obtain proof of state product approval for products that have obtained statewide approval consistent with the limitations of use and installation instructions identified by the state approval.  The petitioner is not required to submit signed and sealed drawings of such products.


PLEASE NOTE:  That for Florida Product Approvals we recommend you print or screen capture the main screen for the product approvals when turning in your copies for permit so the building departments know where it came from.

For verification of the above PDF documents in question visit: (Florida) (Miami Dade)


The concept is the certified evaluation plan has already passed through the review & approval process so the certified plan is registered, requiring only copies to prove it’s the same report.

Shop Drawing Approval:

Some municipalities require the product approvals be ‘approved’ for use at a site-specific location.  This does not mean that they need to be signed and sealed by the project’s engineer of record so please don’t seal them if you’re the PE for the host structure.  The proper thing to do is to notate the approval number on the main plans OR use a shop drawing approval stamp on the approval indicating it’s valid for use at that project.  This concept is what confuses many building officials into thinking the evaluation reports need to be signed and sealed.  If that does happen, point them to the above links.

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