What is the process to renew a Miami Dade NOA I have?


A Miami-Dade NOA (notice of acceptance) renewal is required to extend the NOA expiration date another 5 years beyond its current expiration date. To renew your NOA, you must submit an NOA renewal application. Engineering Express can prepare and file this renewal application on your behalf.

The NOA expiration date is NOT the date the NOA can be used until.  That’s just the date the quality assurance contract expires between the manufacturer and Miam-Dade.  The use of the document by the consumer is governed by the applicable building code cycle.  For more on the NOA expiration date vs the building code cycle, which can be used, and why renewals are required, click here.

The Process

To understand the NOA renewal process, please see the following links. We strongly recommend you read through these items from Miami-Dade to understand what is required for NOA Renewal:

  1. Miami-Dade NOA Renewal Checklist:
  1. NOA Basic Requirements Checklist:
  1. NOA General Submittal Information Checklist:
  1. NOA Application (PC001):

Additional Notes for Consideration:


  1. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to monitor their NOA expiration date(s) and submit the required renewal application(s) well in advance of the expiration to ensure continued NOA certification.
  1. It is suggested to file your renewal application at least 3 months in advance of the NOA expiration date, to ensure there is enough time for Miami-Dade’s review and processing of the renewal application. This also provides enough time to address comments on the application from Miami-Dade (if applicable). The NOA Application itself states the estimated time of processing is 60 days for renewal.
  2. If Engineering Express or any evaluation company is filing your renewal application, it is suggested to contact them at least 6 months in advance of the expiration date, to ensure there is enough time to quote and complete the renewal application.Engineering Express will not be held responsible if the NOA becomes expired and/or is subject to higher renewal fees to renew the NOA.
  1. A renewal application requires no changes to be made to the NOA drawing. This means any technical or non-technical changes, including any additions to, modification of, or removal of, the information in the NOA may trigger comments or rejection of the Renewal application by Miami-Dade. See other services for making these modifications to your NOA.
  1. If your NOA has testing that is older than 10 years, you may be required by Miami-Dade to perform additional verification testing for Miami-Dade to renew your NOA:

See “NOA General Submittal Information Checklist”, Page 2 from this link

See “Miami-Dade NOA Renewal Checklist”, Page 2 from this link

If you think your NOA is subject to the verification testing requirement, it is our suggestion to submit a regular renewal application first. This ensures that Miami-Dade is requiring the verification testing, and if so, what the requirements are for the verification testing for your product.

  1. Depending on the product, Engineering Express may be able to certify your product via another product approval method at a lower cost and/or faster processing time.

Can I still use a Miami-Dade NOA if the Quality Assurance Contract and/or Building Code is Expired?


There’s a chance an expired product evaluation report can still be used.

If the Miami-Dade NOA is for use OUTSIDE Miami-Dade County, First check to see if a similar Florida Product Approval exists for the current code cycle.  You can do that by clicking here.

If there is no corresponding Florida Product Approval,  a Local Florida Product Approval can be performed based on the Miami-Dade NOA.  The originating engineer would be most applicable for this process since they know the product specifications best, but sometimes if the code cycle does not change design requirements, a secondary engineer can write an opinion letter and create a local approval submittal package in accordance with Florida State Guideline FS 553.8425Contact us to see if we can assist in this regard.

If it is for permit & construction INSIDE Miami-Dade County, a one-time product approval can be applied for.  That’s basically a Local Product Approval that strictly follows Miami-Dade guidelines.  The process is long and relatively expensive for the need, but possible.  It’s best to contact the source evaluator/engineer to provide this work or contact the manufacturer directly to discuss your need.

Further Reading

For more information on other product approval options, please see:







Contact Engineering Express to discuss special/other considerations unique to your NOA. See also our other Knowledge Base articles.

NOTE: Information in this document is not to be construed as formal, official, or binding without a certified design & approval by a licensed Professional Engineer of the firm. This firm will not be liable for any errors, omissions, delays, losses, injuries, or damages arising from the information provided herein.


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