Florida Statute 555.79(1)(a) lists the requirements and penalties of building plan reviewers when they issue comments and deny permit applications.  Here’s an excerpt from that section with a link to the source file here:

553.79 Permits; applications; issuance; inspections.

(1)(a) … Whenever a permit required under this section is denied or revoked because the plan, or the construction, erection, alteration, modification, repair, or demolition of a building, is found by the local enforcing agency to be not in compliance with the Florida Building Code, the local enforcing agency shall identify the specific plan or project features that do not comply with the applicable codes, identify the specific code chapters and sections upon which the finding is based, and provide this information to the permit applicant. A plans reviewer or building code administrator who is responsible for issuing a denial, revocation, or modification request but fails to provide to the permit applicant a reason for denying, revoking, or requesting a modification, based on compliance with the Florida Building Code or local ordinance, is subject to disciplinary action against his or her license pursuant to s. 468.621(1)(i).


Other states have similar statutes which can be researched to find corresponding requirements.

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