Engineering Express provides signed & sealed design plans for various types of screened enclosures, sun rooms, & open / enclosed patios attached to a main residence or freestanding.
Please review the checklist below & make sure you complete all necessary steps before submitting your sketch1,2.



Please submit a sketch1 showing all the information indicated below.
The following applies to Screened Enclosures, Sun Rooms, & Open / Enclosed Patios:

  1. If applicable, show roof type, dimensions (depth, skin thickness, etc.), & product approval number
  2. Show structure height
  3. Show overall dimensions (length & width)
  4. Show column/post spacing
  5. Describe columns/posts & inserts if applicable, including dimensions, thickness, & material type
  6. If applicable, describe host structure type
  7. Describe foundation type

    The following applies to Screened Enclosures, Sun Rooms & Enclosed Patios:
  9. If applicable, show windows, doors, including locations, dimensions, & product approval number
  10. If applicable, describe chair rail, including dimensions, thickness, material type, & height from ground
  11. If applicable, show kick plate, including height

    The following applies only to Open Patios:
  13. Describe carry beam & inserts (if applicable), including dimensions, thickness, & material type



Click here to download the sample sketch shown below.
2 To submit your sketch on our FLORIDA template, please click here to download it.
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