The building department is asking for design wind speed – risk category – exposure – address on my master plan – TER What do I tell them?

In the case of Master Plans and Technical Evaluation Reports, product evaluations, master plans, and technical evaluation reports generally list the limiting pressure forces that the product (building component) can withstand  (such as these – click here).

Items such as wind speed, risk category, wind exposure are connected to the site-specific condition the building component is being installed to (per ASCE 7 & the IBC/FBC).  We rate the product to a limiting force, a design professional uses these variables at a site-specific location to determine whether the building component is suitable for use in that situation.

There can be many combinations of wind speed, exposure, roof height, terrain, and other factors that determine what the design pressure is. It’s not possible for an evaluation report to list every condition and someone needs to ensure the component is good enough for the intended use.

Typically a site-specific letter by us, an architect working on a project, or another design professional is needed to connect the maximum forces on our report with the area it’s being installed.  We can provide a separate quote if you cannot get someone else on the project to provide it for you.  Click here to request a quote or Chat With Us.

Click here to read more about master plans and how they are used for site-specific locations.

Last Update: February 17, 2022  

February 17, 2022  Codes & Standards  
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