I’m looking for a model not shown on the chart in a Technical Evaluation Report (TER). What do I do?

Engineering Express would love to have every model unit of an A/C or generator pre-engineered.  We can only engineer what we’re hired to do by the manufacturer so letting them know is always an option.

If you are a contractor & in need of our help right away, you would need to order a site-specific design so we can process 1 model for 1 address efficiently & inexpensively. Visit EngineeringExpress.com/ExpressPass, to apply for an account & request a quote for a site-specific project.

Click at apply for access, fill the form and in the description box, please give us an idea of the project you are looking for, after submitting a team leader will contact you back with the following steps.

(This process can’t be done by homeowners.  We recommend hiring a contractor or calling the manufacturer.  We simply cannot handle the volume of homeowner requests with the price point needed & volume of information we need to obtain).

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